German Arrested over Stabbing

AND Leonor Murdered Gender ViolenceIncredibly, just 15 days into 2019, there have already been two women in Spain who have died allegedly at the hands of the male partners.

A 50-year-old German allegedly murdered 47-year-old Leonor in the province Málaga; the second in Spain and the first in that province, 2019. The suspect is in custody, accused of having stabbing the victim to death in front of their 16-year-old son.

The incident occurred around 19.00h on the Saturday the 11th on Calle San Salvador in Fuengirola. Several neighbours made phone calls to say that some sort of fight had taken place in an apartment in the block of flats – the 16-year-old son had pleaded with the neighbours for help, telling them what had happened.

Several police units were sent to the scene and upon entering the flat found the body of the victim in a puddle of blood in the kitchen. The alleged aggressor, a German citizen, had already fled the flat.

Within an hour and a half the police units involved in a search had located the suspect in the A&E of the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella, where he had gone to receive treatment for a blow to the head. He told the police there that the woman and the teenage son had tried to kill him and he had merely defended himself. He also asked how the victim was. By this time she had already died from the ten knife wounds that she had received.

As explained at the beginning of the article, Leonor was the second woman to be killed so far this year. The first was a 26-year-old woman in Laredo (Cantabria) called Rebeca who was murdered by her partner on the 3rd of January – not even 72 hours into the new year.

Editorial comment: All this comes when the far-right Vox Party has been calling for the law that was passed unanimously to protect women against this form of domestic violence to be overturned. This party also wants to outlaw all forms of abortion.

Secondly, in the last 15 years 975 women have been murdered by their partners, which is greater than all the victims of terrorism carried out by the Basque terrorist group in its 50 years of existence (829) , yet, Vox considers that women do not need this positive discrimination within the domestic violence law.

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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