Reverse Domestic Violence

A woman has been arrested for allegedly attacking her aged partner with an iron bar; she’s 38 an and he’s 80, by the way.

The incident took place in a dwelling they shared in Los Ramosa (Murcia) in the evening of the last Friday of July. The police had received a call at 21.30h to report a case of domestic violence.

When the police arrived it was to find the elderly man being attended to by a neighbour for a gash on his head.

The victim explained that his partner had arrived home drunk, threatening to kill him. The alleged aggressor confirmed the victim’s statement, according to the police press release.

The woman, who has a Spanish nationality, was carted off to the Guardia Civil post in Torreagüera whilst the man was taken to hospital for treatment.

(News: Torreagüera, Murcia)

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