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From France with Love

GRA WW1 French Grenade

One of the imports people in Granada don’t expect from France is a 100-year-old handgrenade amongst horticultural products. However, that is what happened.

Hoax Jab Whatsapp

GRA Fermasa

The Junta announced yesterday that there is a hoax doing the rounds on Whatsapp concerning turning up without an appointment for inoculations.

Guardia Civil Bike Swarm

ALM Mass Guardia Bike Visitb 02

Over 70 Guardia Civil bikers did a quick tour of Granada, passing through, amongst other municipalities, Almuñécar and Guadix – a tad disconcerting to behold.

Fished off the Seabed

LHR Retrieve Fishing Gear

On Monday, Almuñécar Councillor for Beaches & Tourism, Daniel Barbero, was shown the fishing equipment and rubbish brought up from the seabed by volunteers.

Frigiliana La Bonita

AD Frigiliana 03

Frigiliana, you must admit, is quaint and knows how to preserve this quality to favour tourism, on which it depends. For that reason, it always score high in surveys.