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Benny’s Back!

By Martin Myall

Did he ever go away? That's a good question, but that fact is... Benny's back and running for the mayoralty of Almuñécar in the 2019 Municipal Elections. »

Almuñécar Electoral List

By Hugh MacArthur

If you want to make sure that you are on the electoral list so that you can vote in the Municipal Elections in Almuñécar, you have until Monday the 18th. »

No New Market Takers

By Martin Myall

No company has come forward offering a bid for the municipal-market project in Almuñécar, much to Benavides's joy and the Mayor's dismay. »

Spanish Municipal Elections

By Gazette Reader

E.U. citizens (including those with secondary residences in Spain) are entitled to vote in Spanish municipal elections, provided they have registered in the town hall padrón (registry of part-time and permanent residents) »

More Almuñécar Public Works

By Martin Myall

In Almuñécar, just like everywhere else, the amount of municipal facelifts increases as the coming municipal elections approach. »

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