Spanish Municipal Elections

AND electionsE.U. citizens (including those with secondary residences in Spain) are entitled to vote in Spanish municipal elections, provided they have registered in the town hall padrón (registry of part-time and permanent residents). You may chose postal voting, if you will be absent on the actual voting day (24/5/2015).

The procedures are simple:

(1) Apply for postal voting (between March 31st and May 14th) at any Spanish post office, in person and showing your passport, driver’s licence or identity card (DNI).

(2) Your application will be processed by your municipal voting office, which will send the voting papers by registered letter to the mailing address in Spain you had given. Chose an address where your mail will be monitored in your absence (example: your local tax representative).

(3) In case of your absence, the postman will leave a notification, asking you to pick up the mail at the local post office, again in person with personal identification. The post office will hold your voting mail until May 20th, the last day for postal voting (unlike standard registered mail, which is returned to sender if not picked up within 10 days after notification).

The Seaside Gazette team would like to thank Patrick Herbst for sending this information in for publication

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