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Urinary Interruption

A man was cycling through the Granada vega when he felt the need to stop and relieve his bladder – he couldn’t have stopped at a worse place.

Defiant Mother

The Municipal Police of Málaga arrested J.A.l.R. who had moments before wrestled a toddler from its mother’s arms. The 35-year-old man was more interested in his victim’s small backpack, but literally holding the baby for ransom until she handed the the prize over seemed a good plan.

Wonky World x 3

Three Wonky World articles, including Twittering jurors cause a retrial, don’t try to mug an MMA fighter even if you have a gun and being Mark Zuckerburg…or not.

Mugged at a ATM

A Local Police foot patrol was approached by a frantic woman who told them that two people were fighting in a nearby public square. The police were soon there and separated the two men, but this wasn’t a disagreement that got out of hand, but a victim and a mugger battling it out.