Mugger Doused Victim with Petrol

SPN Petrol MuggerA woman has been taken into custody after allegedly dousing a woman she intended to mug with petrol – the victim had her 10-month-old baby in a pushchair.

The incident took place in Vall d’Uixó (Castellón).

The aggressor, 49-year-old Fátima B. R. from Morocco, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder.

The Valencian Supreme Court has backed the local magistrate’s decision to remand her in custody without bail, after she was arrested on Monday.

The provincial HQ of the Guardia Civil confirmed that the attack took place around 20.00h on Monday the 2nd when the accused doused the victim and the baby buggy using a plastic bottle. She then told the victim that if she did not hand over her handbag, she would set fire to her.

At first the mother kept walking trying to get the baby out of reach after handing over her handbag, whilst all the time trying to calm the woman down.

Finally, the victim managed to hand over the baby to a neighbour who was passing by and then go after the woman to recuperate her bag. The mugger kept activating the lighter menacingly, but the mother wasn’t deterred.

Finally, the Guardia Civil arrived to arrest her as witnesses had alerted both the Guardia Civil and the Policía Local.

Her defence lawyer has recommended that she be interned in a psychiatric institute. This decision is pending an examination by a forensic psychiatrist. The attacker also has a criminal record involving violent crimes.

(News: Castellón, Valencia)

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