Mugged at a ATM

A Local Police foot patrol was approached by a frantic woman who told them that two people were fighting in a nearby public square. The police were soon there and separated the two men, but this wasn’t a disagreement that got out of hand, but a victim and a mugger battling it out.

What had happened was that a man had been withdrawing cash from a cash-point machine when he felt something being pushed against his side. A man had approached from behind, allegedly pressed something sharp up against his side and had informed him: “Give me the money or I’ll kill you.”

At the same time, the victim explained that his assailant had relieved him of his wallet. However when the 23-year-old mugger ran off, his victim took off after him, caught him up and a fight began.

When the police found them the wallet was lying on the ground and the two men were locked in a struggle. After separating them and hearing the victim’s account, they searched the alleged aggressor but found no sharp object. What they did find was the money after the victim explained how he had seen him hide the money inside his jacket.

The alleged mugger was handcuffed, read his rights and taken to police cells to await an appearance before a judge.

(news: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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