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False Robbery Claims

By Martin Myall

(CHO 04B) The Policía Nacional in Motril have uncovered two cases of false, mugging claims involving 'stolen mobile phones.' »

The Numbers Race

By Martin Myall

Madrid and Guipúzcoa have run out of new telephone numbers for landlines, so the only way out is to issue new area-codes prefixes. »

Motril Will Have 4G Coverage This Summer

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Town Hall has been in contact with numerous mobile-phone operators in order to reinforce coverage his summer. Consequently, Movistar has promised to give 4G coverage come the summer. »

Expiring Perks

By Martin Myall

The City Hall of Granada has decided to do away with an embarrassing perk enjoyed by its department heads; unlimited phone credit on their work mobiles. »

Worthwhile Whinging

By Duncan Inglis

Motrileños are getting better and more efficient at officially complaining… or rather, at being aware of their rights and defending them where necessary. »

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