Expiring Perks

The City Hall of Granada has decided to do away with an embarrassing perk enjoyed by its department heads; unlimited phone credit on their work mobiles.

The councillor in charge of personnel, Juan Antonio Fuentes, has put into motion a reduction that will hopefully save around 150,000 euros a year, by simply limiting the mobile credit limits to 20, 50 o 100 euros a month, rather than… knock up the bill you want.

The existing system saw the City Hall having to pay around 600,000 euros a month to the telephone company that provides that landlines and mobile phone lines. From now one, all the official mobiles will be limited to those three amount limits. However, if one of the users runs out, he can request a further credit, but only if he can justify it.

The City Hall has a contract for 225 mobile phones, of which the councillors, coordinators and area directors will enjoy the top limit of 100 euros a month.

As for landlines, councillors have 21 numbers at their disposition, all of which can make outside calls.

Of course, when we speak of lines belonging to the City Hall, we also have to take into account that some are destined for the use of the fire service (19) and the local police (72).

Lastly, not all the phone chips for mobiles are actually used in mobile phones to make calls; inspectors walk around with noise-measuring devices that have phone chips that allow them to connect directly with the central computer for data retrieval. Even some lampposts use them: public lighting uses 123 telephone lines with groups of lights being able to send messages to maintenance to report malfunctions…

(News: City of Granada, Andalucia)

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