Arrest in La Herradura

Last weekend the Guardia Civil arrested a man, suspected of selling drugs in a bar in La Herradura. He is in his 30s and has a criminal record, it appears.

LHR The BayThe police were carrying out a routine inspection when they noticed the suspect on the terrace area who was acting very nervously, so they approached him to find out what was ‘troubling him.’

Attempting to bluff his way out of it the man said that he only had a small amount of drugs on him, which was for his personal use, handing it over.

Unfortunately for him, the police suspected that he had more than this on him and… in the patrol car was a fellow officer with a sniffer dog, so they called him over. He tried to ditch what he had but the police saw it. He not only had more hashish but also had meths, so they arrested him.

Furthermore, the police had noticed that the establishment was not observing the Covid norms and had infringed seven of them. There were minors on the premises, for which another fined was issued.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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