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Stabbing Between Children

SPN Hospital de Son Espases

An 8-year-old boy has reportedly stabbed a 12-year old during an argument over a skateboard in a third child’s house. The alleged aggressor is a Spanish Gypsy and the victim a Moroccan.

Electrocuted Whilst Urinating on Lamppost

An 18-year-old man died, electrocuted, as a consequence of urinating on a lamppost during the local fiestas in Bunyola in Majorca. The incident occurred at the beginning of September at twenty-to-one in the morning. Although an ambulance crew arrived almost immediately, owing to the fiestas having extra medical measures assigned, they could do nothing for…


The British invent sports that turn out to be hugely popular around the world… and then promptly get thrashed at it, but as yet, Britain leads supreme at Balconing.