SPN BalconingThe British invent sports that turn out to be hugely popular around the world… and then promptly get thrashed at it, but as yet, Britain leads supreme at Balconing.

Balconing is a tongue-in-cheek, pseudo-English, Spanish word for jumping off hotel balconies with the aim of landing in the pool.

Unfortunately, as it is normally practices after a very large intake of alcohol, not many ‘goals’ are scored and Spanish dailies are littered with ‘off sides’ incidents/accidents;’ i.e., inebriated foreigners missing the pool.

Just this week there have been three such accidents in Spain, two in Majorca alone, and one of which proved fatal.

it would be wrong to think that only drunk-beyond-stupid Brits are the only ‘athletes’ taking part in the alarming practice, because young Germans are in the same league. And it’s been going on for a while, because just in 2010 there were six deaths and eleven injured.

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