Car Rams Bar Terrace

AXA Bar Terrace RammedA driver fell asleep at the wheel of his car in the centre of Torre del Mar and rammed an outside, bar terrace last Sunday. Fortunately, the bar was closed so the terrace was empty, as it was in the early hours.

In his statement to the Policía Local the 40-year-old driver explained that he suffered from narcolepsia, which is a long-term neurological disorder that involves a decreased ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles.

However, when he was taken to the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquía to be treated for his slight injuries, he refused to be tested for narcotics, even though he gave a negative reading for alcohol in an at-the-scene breathalyser.

As he “showed signs of being under the influence of drugs (i.e., ‘high’) and had refused the blood test, he was charged for allegedly driving under the influence of narcotic substances.

The accident took place in the town-centre, Plaza de la Axarquía. However, that was not the only accident in the coastal area of the Axarquia that weekend because in the early hours of Saturday a learner driver ploughed into a lamppost and several traffic signs when driving along the main thoroughfare of Caleta de Vélez. His breathalyser gave a positive reading…

(News: Torre del Mar/Caleta de Velez, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: SUR)

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