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Looking Back to Jack

By Martin Myall

Here's a piece of house news: Dave and Di's son is ten today, so I dug up his birth announcement from 2009 as a looking back article. »

New Page on Site

By Martin Myall

We have opened up a new page on the Seaside Gazette site entitled Your Questions, where you can leave questions and answers without having to register or log in. »

Changes to The Site

By Martin Myall

We posted on facebook the other day that we have made it possible to post comments under articles here without having to log in. Here's why. »

The 8001st Article

By Martin Myall

Yesterday we reached the 8,000-article mark with the article on the Motril police and their seatbelt safety campaign, which is the second milestone this summer. »

Gazette News

By Martin Myall

The paper edition for May will have radical changes within, both in content and layout. So, why the change? »

February 2017 PDF Available

By Martin Myall

The February 2017 edition is now available online in PDF format for the abusive price of one whole euro - is nothing sacred? »

4,000th Article Reached

By Martin Myall

With this article, the online version of the Seaside Gazette reaches the 4,000-article mark, after starting out in April 2009. We reached the 3,000th post mark on November the 26th last year, meaning that we have increased our article stock by 25% in only ten months. »

3,000th Article Reached

By Editor

With this article the online version of the Seaside Gazette, the site reaches the 3,000 mark, after starting out in April 2009. With around 150 visits a day, the up-to-date online version of the Seaside Gazette is not only growing in sides, but it is also growing in popularity. »

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