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140 Kilometres Dragging a Cross

When people say that somebody has a cross to bear, he usually means it metaphorically, but this is not the case concerning Justin Márquez. Nope, Justin has dragged a bloody great wooden cross from Málaga to Gibraltar along the old main road.

Málaga Contraband Climbs

Thanks to the crisis, one of the few business sectors that is growing in the province of Málaga is the illegal contraband in tobacco and alcohol. Of course, Málaga isn’t the only province where this is happening, nor is the phenomenon anything new, because smuggling is as old as the hills and always flourishes when times are hard.

Three Spain Articles

Three Spain articles from the December edition, including a conman who was kidnapped by his victims and two articles about the rather bristly Britain/Spain/Gibraltar relationship.

La Linea Rebels

Signs of Discord The Spanish border town in front of Gibraltar; La Linea, has finally removed the road signs that made it impossible for drivers to enter the crossing point without committing a traffic infringement. The Town Hall decided to back down after the Abogado del Estado denounced the Town Council of putting road users…