Three Spain Articles

Gibraltar Smoke
New security measures at the Gibraltar border crossings, aimed at motorcycles, are in the cross-hairs of the European Commission which is questioning the legality of the searches.

Due to an increase in tobacco smuggling, Spanish authorities have beefed up their checks which have considerably slowed down the time it takes to get through the border post.

The checks may breach European rules on freedom of movement, Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson claims.

Spain vs Britain Part 17
IU’s Diego Valderas has criticized the stagnant relations between Spain and Gibraltar under the PSOE, saying Zapatero’s government has done practically nothing to encourage co-operation and good relations.

He is also suspicious of the PP’s electoral promise to re-open negotiations with Britain over Gibraltar’s sovereign status which has long been a sore point between the two countries.

He says his party is willing to resume talks with Gibraltar that would aim to improve relations for the mutual benefit and profit of both.

Victims Kidnap Conman
In Vigo police have arrested five persons in connection with the kidnapping and subsequent ransom demand of five thousand euros for a conman who had conned them. Sounds fair to me!

The conman’s brother, of Cameroon, went to the police after the group had notified him of the ransom. Meanwhile the conman managed to escape and directed police to the group’s whereabouts. They were all arrested, including the conman.

The group explained to police that they had kidnapped the man because they had paid him five thousand euros for a special brew of inky chemicals which, when applied to plain paper, turned them into euro notes. It obviously didn’t work.

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