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CD Almuñecar City Win 10-3!


We had a quick chat with George Jermy, player coach of CD Almuñecar City football club, following their first full game as the newly formed club, playing out of Almuñécar’s stadium on the P4. The pre-season friendly was away from home against Totalan.

Tropical Weather & Football Thougths

July in the Nordic countries has been exceptional, with tropical temperatures around 26-30 for almost two weeks now. The hot weather has brought thunder storms in its wake. On golf courses in central Finland, where the thunder storms have been extremely severe, one person died and one was injured after having been struck by lightning. The unfortunate deadly accident occurred when the victim, a pensioner, interrupted the game because of the heavy rain. He was returning to the club house pushing his golf trolley, when a lightning bolt struck the trolley and he fell lifeless to the ground. There were no thunder storm clouds visible. The lightning seemed to strike from an ordinary cumulus cloud. Death was immediate, and attempts to revive him proved hopeless.

Enhorabuena Granada CF!

FC Barcelona turned up at lowly Granada CF! yesterday evening, surely expecting a routine win. With the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Fabregas, it was surely a forgone conclusion that they would leave Granada with yet another win under their belts.

Football Euphoria

Last week, during my and Nils Öhrvall’s art exhibition at Casa de la Cultura in Almuñécar, a member of the culture house staff asked me from where I was. When he heard that I was from Finland, he said “Oh that’s the country playing against Spain in Gijon on March 22 in the World Cup qualifiers. Finland is not a big football country. I bet the game will end 6-0 for Spain”.

Revamped Changing Rooms

Las Tejas football ground now has new changing room facilities. Back in July, you might remember, the football ground had artificial grass installed.

New Surface For Las Tejas

The football field at Las Tejas will be transformed in the near future, with the introduction of a new artificial surface, the second such sporting surface in La Herradura.

Sports Ground Opens

Once again the Mayor turned up in La Herradura during February, this time it was for the inauguration of the new sports ground in the Las Maravillas area of the village.