Unbearable Stretcher Bearers

WLD Unbearable Bearers OnLWhen you are injured on the football pitch, you don’t expect to be worse off when you leave the stretcher than when you were put on it.

Unfortunately, this was the case in Greece during a 2nd-division match between AE Larissa and Ergotelis.

It was in the 68th minute and the visiting team were ahead 1-0 when Ergotelis strike Alexander Koutris, fell to the ground injured, needing to be carried off. Yes, ‘injured’ in the football world is different to the normal world, but even so, he needed the stretcher-bearers.

Unluckily for Alexander the two bearers weren’t exactly ‘dab hands’ at the task, so much so that one of them tripped and fell on top of the injured player – not good. The other bearer instead of trying to get his companion off the injured man, burst out laughing.

When they tried to lift the stretcher, it broke, but even so they carried him off the pitch, hanging half on; half off.

Alexander wasn’t a happy bunny about all this and began to berate them, so they literally dumped the stretcher on the ground

Anyway, see for yourselves

(News: Wonky World)

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