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Making Being Rescued Easier

We’re all too frequently running articles on people twisting ankles, falling down slopes or getting lost and have to be rescued by helicopter. But do you know what to do if you’re waiting or the chopper?

Company Car?

Off to Germany now, Saarland to be exact, where a driver was pulled over for speeding. Just a routine stop for the traffic cops. However, they were just a little shocked at what they found inside the vehicle.

Chrismas Comes Early…

Wonderful news! The Local Police contingent will have spanking new laptops and PDA’s to make the taxing task of fining people easier and more enjoyable, if that is indeed possible.

Adult Beach Exercise

Has anyone had a go on the new exercise equipment, designed specifically for adults and installed on the beach?
The technical guys tell us that the equipment is designed and built to a very high specification with high end materials, as every piece of apparatus must meet the standards required in a traditional gym, and therefore meet all the criteria and safety standards that would be required in any normal gymnasium.