Making Being Rescued Easier

ALP Rescue Helicopter winches up stretcherWe’re all too frequently running articles on people twisting ankles, falling down slopes or getting lost and having to be rescued by helicopter. But do you know what to do if you’re waiting for the chopper? Read on!

Well, the Guardia Civil have published a multi-point list on information to provide and things to do whilst you waiting to be rescued.

Information to give:

1) Tell the operator what happened.
2) What time it happened.
3) where it took place.
4) The victim’s state (is he or she conscious, for example, breathing difficulties, chest pains, confused, etc).
5) Try to give an exact location. Most smart phones give you map-reference coordinates of your precise location.
6) Tell them what the weather conditions are (visibility, winds, etc)
7) What survival material you have (food, warm and/or waterproof clothing, torches, etc)
8) If you are in a group, give them all of your telephone numbers, just in case the one you’re calling from goes u/s.

Things to do:

AND Sierra Night Rescue OnL1) Find shelter for the victim and provide First Aid.
2) If a chopper is coming, clear the area of any loose equipment that might foul the rotors such as ropes, skiis, rucksacks, discarded clothing, as well as organic debris such as broken branches, etc.

We would emphasise that probably one of the best things you can do is find out your map reference using your smartphone before phoning in. Most of them have a compass app with this sort of read-out at the bottom of the screen. Secondly, if you have more than one torch, turn the rest off and make do with one – you might need the batteries. It’s probably not a bad idea to do that with at least one of your phones, too.

And above all, don’t underestimate the weather or overestimate your abilities.

Oh, and if your mother-in-law injures her leg leaving her unable to walk, shoot  her – it’s kinder… 1,000 cowboy films can’t all be wrong where lame nags are concerned.

(News: Spain)

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