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Road Deaths Weekend

By Hugh MacArthur

Nine deaths in nine road accidents across Spain between 15.00h Friday the 20th and midnight Sunday the 21st. Two were pedestrians and three were bikers. »

Nativity Donkey Attack

By Vivienne Hughes

The Spanish love doing Living Nativity Scenes; i.e., they use real people and animals, and there has never been a problem, till now... »

Salar Horse Fair

By Vivienne Hughes

Over 100 horses, mules and donkeys - even ponies, were on show at the Real Feria del Ganado in Salar in the Poniente de Granada. »

Irresponsible and Cruel Prank

By Paula Anthony

The municipal police of Lucena in the province of Córdoba finally brought a man before the judge for the death of a 5-month-old donkey. »

Donkey Trekking for Acompalia

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña resident Helen McCormack and four sure-footed friends recently completed a three-day trek over mountain paths from Venta Maria bar in Órgiva to Nigüelas. »

Donkey Death

By David Darby

Did you know…? More people are killed each year by donkeys than are killed in plane crashes. Well, let's be honest, who's counting? And more importantly, who cares? We just thought that this little snippet of information might help understand this following story. Two donkeys are to be destroyed after they chased a elderly who... »

Vote Donkey!

By David Darby

We love a good animal story here at the Seaside Gazette, and it doesn’t come more bizarre than in Quito, Ecuador, where a donkey has attempted to put himself up for election to the legislature. »

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