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Bones, Eggs & Crowns

Please excuse me for being so Frank. After all, my name is Jes, not Frank, so I guess we’re kind of the 2018 version of the one-man James Brothers’ Gang: I’m Jesse and I’m Frank.

Grumpy Dane


I might as well say these words, while I still can, for puritanism and political correctness are taking over in Old Denmark…

Journey to the Light

Have you ever met someone who died? Someone who died and lived to tell about it? Sounds bizarre and incredible, right? Well, I know a Danish gentleman, living in La Herradura, who has had that unfortunate (or should I say fortunate?) experience.

Life or Death Debate

Is it acceptable for doctors not to attempt to save a life? Is it okay for doctors to decide ahead of time, whether a patient who goes into cardiac arrest, should be resuscitated or admitted to intensive care?

The Little Mermaid

I am home in Vancouver, Canada and have just come back from a visit to Stanley Park, one of the city’s most popular and visited attractions. In this wonderful and lush park you will find totem poles, an aquarium, a rose garden, a sea wall, bike trails, pools, playgrounds, not to mention a multitude of monuments and statues.

Fly Fishing Pro

It is somewhat nerve-wracking writing an article about someone who is a writer himself. I am talking about my life-long friend, Henrik Mortensen. He is the author of the book, Fly Casting Scandinavian Style, and is currently working on another.