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Local foods

Although perhaps not the most outstanding feature of local cooking, the tapas served free in all the province’s bars to wash down with a glass of wine or beer are a tasty symbol of the province of Granada, stimulating the senses and wetting the appetite for lunch or dinner.

Last Chance Mirador

To say that it is the end of an era would be an understatement, as we bid farewell to Kevin and Alix after nine successful years providing top food at the beautiful location know as the Mirador del Cerro Grodo, just outside La Herradura.

Delightful D’Carmen

Fusion cuisine with elements of traditional and Mediterranean dishes, which is very much in vogue amongst the new Andalusian chefs, which one would expect from the latest Almuñécar restaurant venture in C/Livry Gargan, opposite the old post office.

Late Summer Laureles

We’ve been hearing some very good things about Mark’s Thursday Seafood Special. In fact, it has been such a success that he is going to continue the menu through September. So, if you missed out on this super seafood special, don’t despair and get your lobster loving lips up to Los Laureles during September for your last chance to scoff a scallop, crack a crab or even lick a lobster!


All you lovers of good food and fine wines are in for a special treat with this place. Situated on the Paseo de la Esplanada in Motril, Álvaro and Manuel have managed to marry tradition and modernity to create a spectacular restaurant.