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Reckless Driver Nearly Lynched

By Hugh MacArthur

The police in the city of Granada had to fire four shots into the air to deter a crowd from lynching a reckless driver. »

Eurofighter Down

By Vivienne Hughes

On Spain’s equivalent to the Armed Forces Day, the 12th of October, an aircraft taking part in the aerial display crashed, killing the pilot. »

Chopper Down

By Hugh MacArthur

One of the helicopter involved in the Asturias forest fire, belonging to the Servicio de Emergencias del Principado (SEPA) crashed this afternoon. »

Bodies of Chopper Crew Found

By Martin Myall

One week after the news of the Spanish helicopter accident taking place and one whole week of desperate hope, the bodies of the three crew were found inside the wreckage on the seabed. »

Helicopter Crew Mystery

By Hugh MacArthur

Despite the Minister of Defence's assertion that the crew from the crashed Super Puma had been rescued by a Moroccan fishing boat, nobody has any idea where they are. Consequently the search has restarted. »

Spanish Military Helicopter Crash

By Martin Myall

Spanish Air Force helicopter came down in the Atlantic when returning from Senegal today, triggering a search and rescue operation. »

Spanish Airbus Down

By Hugh MacArthur

Around 13.00h today a Spanish military transport aircraft - an Airbus A400M - came down just outside the provincial airport of San Pablo near Sevilla. »

Narco Helicopter Crashes in Málaga

By Hugh MacArthur

The two occupants were killed when a helicopter loaded with hashish crashed into a pylon whilst attempting to evade the Guardia Civil. »

Guardia Civil Helicopter Crash

By Vivienne Hughes

At 14.00h today, the 24th of August the Guardia Civil issued an official press release to say that they had lost one of their helicopters during the morning. »

Hanglider Pilot Injured

By Editor

On Sunday the 20th of last month a man – name and age not known – was injured just above Otívar, near the old road (Carretera de la Cabra). »

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