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Gardening Department on the Rampage

The Gardening Department at the Almuñécar Town Hall have been working their socks off, cutting back the vegetation at the entrance to Cotobro on the N-340. They have been doing the same to Urbanización El Montañés, as well.

Roman Well Recovered

Do you remember when the Hotel Cotobro Playa was under construction, how ecologists and archaeologists tried to block the project because of the presence of the Roman well on site?

Cotobro Beach Railings Installed

There has always been a fun drop available for the unwary, unwitting and unwanted from the Cotobro beach road to the beach below, owing to a ridiculously narrow pavement and a sadist lack of fencing.

Half-Price Diving Baptism

The Diving Centre, based on Cotobro in Edif. Delfín is giving a 50% discount for beginners, residing or born in Almuñécar or La Herradura. You just need to show them your empadronamiento certificate, in the case of foreign residents.

Sand Regeneration for Cotobro

It appears to be a yearly event; Cotobro beach, which gets washed away by spring and autumn gales, is in the process of being topped back up again, with sand grabbed from the Puerta del Mar beach, near the Paseo del Altillo.

Elitist or Common Sense?

You would think that developers would be very much in tune with how people want to live; not just where they want to live, but in many cases, they are more in tune with how much money can be made, knowing that somebody will always buy the properties in question… even if they do eventually take the developer to court.