Cotobro Beach Work

ALM Cotobro Beach WoekWork as begun on Playa Cotobro, building a groyne to protect the beach from wind and wave erosion.

At first, work was held back whilst the gale around the end of April swept up and down the Costa Tropical, but finally the lorries bearing large boulders arrived and the heavy machinery moved in.

The submerged breakwater near the mouth of Rio Jate in La Herradura has been finished,much to the surfers’ chargrin, so operations were moved to Cotobro.

The Councillor for the Environment and Beaches, Luis Aragón, is aware that between now and the summer there could be another gales and another Almuñécar beach will end up on the coast of North Africa but he has his fingeres crossed. The question is whether it blows from the Levante or Poniente; we need a Poniente one to sweep the sand back to where it was before.

But what really worries the man is the water-park area where successive gales have eaten into stone-work defences – that’s where action is needed; on the Aqua Park groyne, next to Arbol Blanco Playa.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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