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Contentious Rubbish

The Mayor of Nerja’s party, the PP, seems to have a fatal attraction with court rooms because one of the contract awards is before the judge.

Controversial Court Sentence

The five men who pushed a young woman into a doorway during the San Fermin fiestas in Pamplona and gang-raped her, have just been judged and sentenced on only a sexual-abuse charge.

Incomprehensible Leniency

With the Central Administration taking broadsides from all directions over corruption and ideologically tainted laws, it’s now decided to make things worse for itself.

To Frack or not To Frack?

The Minister for the Economy and Industry at the Junta de Andalucia, Antonio Ávila, expressed his frustration at plans to allow fracking in Spain to go ahead. He had called for a moratorium whilst the concept and it consequences were studied more closely.

Motril’s Controversial Dog Shelter

The Town Hall calls it an albergue, which translates as hostel or shelter, whilst the socialist opposition leader, Flor Almón called it an extermination camp for abandoned dogs. Both terms are probably inaccurate, one more than the other.