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Eels Released in Rio Guadalfeo

MOT Released Baby Eels

Confiscated baby eels from a Guardia Civil operation in Algeciras were given a new home in the Río Guadalfeo at the beginning of March. The stretch of river chosen was the Azud de Vélez; i.e., more or less under Vélez Benaudalla, which has water all year round, thanks to the ecological discharges from Rules Dam…

Last Minute Golf Reprieve

MOT Los Moriscos

The Motril golf course, Los Moriscos was set to lose half its holes on the 26th of June at 10 in the morning but some last-minute negotiations stayed the avid hand of Hacienda.

Cash in the Boot

AND Cash in Boot

The Guardia Civil came across a driver with 600,000 euros in the boot of his car without any indication as to where it had come from.

Naughty Strawberries

ALM Naughty Strawberries OnL

The intrepid municipal police in Almuñécar, who strive relentlessly for our safety, pounced on 39 boxes of illegal strawberries that were being hawked on the lawless street corners of the town.