Padul Drugs Bust

GRA Padul Drug BustA Guardia Civil police operation in Padul ended with several arrests, two cars impounded and a sizeable amount of marihuana confiscated.

The incident occurred on the 6th of April at 13.30h at a road check set up at the entrance to Padul. A car with two occupants, upon seeing the road check, tried to escape but was cornered by Guardia vehicles.

At first the police thought that the car had tried to make a break for it because there were two people in it, which contravenes the Lock-Down restrictions.

However, shortly afterwards they intercepted a second car with three occupants this time… it was also transporting marihuana. It didn’t take long to work out that all five knew each other and that the first car was going ahead of the drug-carrying car as a scout. Unfortunately for the second car, the first one didn’t have time to warn the following car.

The drugs being transported were 8.5k of marihuana distributed between two large sacks. The arrested men were taken to the Guardia Civil post in Padul to be booked and the confiscated vehicles and drugs impounded.

Editorial comment: never have there been so many road checks mounted all across Spain and the movement of the population so controlled… so why do criminals choose now, of all times, to move drugs around by car?

(News: Padul, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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