The Terrace Truce is Over

During the long midnight of the Pandemic, bars and restaurants were given a certain leeway over how much space their terraces occupied, but it is ending.

GRA municipal police load up confiscated terrace furnitureWhilst over in Valencia bars and restaurnats have been told to reduce their terraces to their orginal size, in Granada the Policía Local have gone after the illegal ones – ones that sprung up without permission whilst the authorities looked the other way, in a long moment of generosity.

It won’t be long before here on the Costa Tropical chiringuitos will have to start retreating from the extra sand they have used, either.

Many consider that this crack down is premature, as the social distancing is still in force, so you can’t place tables as closely together as before. Yes, you can have as many as you want to a table, pushing them together to make one long table but the spaces between individual tables; i.e., different groups of diners, has to remain 1.5 metres apart.

Meanwhile, up in Granada, the Policía Local have been at work on Calle Mora, Calle Mariana Pineda and Calle Ganivet, mainly because people who live above such establishments have long complained about the noise coming from below.

There are 15 bars and restaurants that had already been warned before the police arrived to pack up their invasive terraces; some because they don’t have a licence for one (as mentioned above) and others because they have spilled over onto unauthorised street space in a big way.

The word got round the rest of the city and whole terraces or illegal extensions began to disappear knowing that the police would soon get round. A municipal lorry had been reported on the grape vine, loading up confiscated terrace furniture.

One establishment owner said (sobbed) that they had had inspections before and nothing was ever said about his terrace. On the other hand, block-community spokespersons have dug out dust-&-cobweb-covered, saint effigies to utter up tearful thanks for this deliverance from their anthropophagic members.

(News: City & Metropolitain Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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