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Behind the Scenes


Most of us now take the ubiquitous PC, laptop and mobile device for granted; they are everywhere and all look pretty similar.

We Are All Connected

Happy 2015 to all! This year as we embark on new resolutions as well as try to improve on last year’s, we realized that we’ve been writing this column for 4 years.

Zen2Net Moves!

Firstly to let you know that Zen2Net in Almuñécar will be closed until 30th September. But more importantly, they’re moving shop! Where to, I hear you ask?

21st Century Carrier Pigeons

The word “Drone” has come a long way from merely defining ‘a male honey bee’ or a ‘robot in general.’ Today ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’ is its most common association – just ask certain governments how they have been using them for spying purposes. Notwithstanding, some innovative young companies have taken it to the next level and made their drones accessible to the public with prices as low as about $100 (€75).