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Dubious Coffee!

OK, we all know that the Northern Europeans and North Americans make horrible coffee, and if you want decent coffee, you have to go to Spain or Italy, but there is one place in Spain where the coffee tastes like piss…

Life is Tough

It does not seem that I am able to resist the subject of coffee at present and I have good and bad news for coffee lovers: you die younger, but not because of the coffee, but because coffee drinkers are more likely to have other unhealthy habits. The NIH-AARP Diet & Health Study which followed 400,000 people over 13 years has shown, that coffee drinkers are more likely to die, because they are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, do little exercise and abstain from fruit and veg consumption.

Triple C…

In the January issue we were broadcasting doctor’s dislike of vitamins. This time we are in good humour and would like to inform you about what we LIKE: triple C – that is coffee, cocoa and… cholesterol! Yes – you may trust your eyes! This is finally a positive message about western-worlds-worst-health-enemy (WWW.HE): cholesterol. Whilst the manufacturers of cholesterol-lowering-medicines (CLM – modern magazines need abbreviations) are trying to convince the public that everybody should be taking one of their fabulous pills, there is the first signs that their best customers might be dropping out.

Bizarro Café Bar

Have you ever fancied trying somewhere different for your breakfast, or even a quick coffee? Well, me and the ex-Ed often partake of a breakfast or a quick coffee at Bizarro, mainly because it’s very central and the coffee is really very good!

El Bar Sin Nombre

Formally known as The Bar With No Name, this little Almuñécar gem is now under the management of Rob and Dori, an English/Spanish mix that definitely works for this business and a nicer couple you’d be hard pressed to meet.


Yes, you can get a cup of real Italian coffee from ristorantes and pizzerias, but the only place you can go for a typical European cafeteria in Almuñécar with a continental flavour is this small but popular bar, Leonardo.