Bizarro Café Bar

Have you ever fancied trying somewhere different for your breakfast, or even a quick coffee? Well, me and the ex-Ed often partake of a breakfast or a quick coffee at Bizarro, mainly because it’s very central and the coffee is really very good!
Not only that, at the moment, our old friend and proprietor Oscar, is doing a deal on ice cream. Any flavour of ice cream, normal price for a litre is €13, but you can take away that litre for just €9.50!
So, you’ve had a nice breakfast, an excellent cup of coffee and you have your litre of ice cream ensconced in your bag, then you realise you need to put some more credit on your mobile… no problem, just tell Oscar and he’ll sort that as well! What a great little place.
Café Bar Bizarro, C/Cerveteri 5, Almuñécar 18690.

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