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Acquitted of Causing Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

It was last October that a farmer in Los Guájares was acquitted for having caused a forest fire through negligence. »

Telltale Visiting Card

By Hugh MacArthur

You hear true accounts of burglars leaving their wallet in the victim's house or smoking a cigarette and then leaving the butt behind - read on! »

Horse Killer Released

By Vivienne Hughes

The first person ever to go to jail for cruelty to animals in Spain has been released, a month and a half into his 8-month sentence. »

Mayor of Itrabo Acquitted

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Itrabo, Antonio Jesús Carrascosa, has been acquitted of the charge of perversion of the course of justice by omission; i.e. failing to act. »

Expensive Impact

By Martin Myall

(Malaga) A man with mental problems jumped from a 9th-floor to end his life after escaping from a mental ward... which is unfortunate enough, but he landed on a passerby who had just walked out of a bar, causing quite a lot of bodily mischief, which is not only unfortunate but also arguably clumsy.... »

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