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University Comes to La Alpujarra

The University of Granada has moved to the Alpujarra. Well, they haven’t actually slapped some wheels on it and trundled it along to Órgiva, but have provided university courses for people over fifty, thanks to an agreement struck between the University of Granada and the Órgiva Town Hall.

Water Museum

Water is hardly a thing of the past in Lanjáron but the history of Lanjarón’s aquatic empire is, hence El Museo del Agua, which is located where the municipal slaughter yard was

80,000-Euro Scam

The Guardia Civil, hitherto known as the Green Meanies, arrested a couple from the Alpujarra region for allegedly scamming 80,000 euros from their victims… bless them.

Day Centre for the Elderly

The Archbishop of Granada has ceded its old persons’ home in Lanjarón to the Town Hall, which is in the middle of converting it to a day centre for the elderly.

Orange-Level Alert

Keeping to a meteorological flavour, there was an orange-level alert over an expected storm and downpours during the last weekend of September.

First Snow Fall

Even before summer had officially ended, we had our first snowfall up in the Sierra Nevada. On the 13th of September there was a light snowfall around the 3,000-metre mark.

Órgiva Fiestas

Here’s all the low down on Órgiva’s fiestas, starting on Thursday the 1st and finishing on the Sunday the 4th, if you’re lucky.

Gazette Reaches La Alpujarra

Here’s a bit of in-house news concerning Vanessa Bosch, who used to be the sales rep for the Salobreña area. Vanessa has just completed a move to Lanjarón, where she will be in charge of setting up a Lanjarón-Órigiva (Alpujarra) news section. Hopefully, this is good news for the foreign community in the Alpujarra, who…