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Parish Priest Dies

Too late to be included in the January edition, the funeral of the parish priest of Lanjarón, Father José Delgado Álvarez was held on the 29th of December.

Crumbling School

The 36 pupils of the Busquístar junior school cannot exactly be considered spoilt, as they have had to put up with the wintery temperatures of the Alpujarra without heating in their classroom.

3-Metre-Tall Buddha

Soportújar wants a 3-metre-tall Buddha statue… well, better said the Buddhist community does, which is just a 3-day camel trek and a packed lunch from the village.

Distant Hams

The Alpujarra cured hams are pretty damned famous and their popularity goes back quite a while, but were you aware just how long?

Tampering with Penary Meetings?

Back in July of 2007, everybody agreed that plenary meetings would be held at a civilised time, which wasn’t the case for the plenary meeting held at the beginning of December, according to the spokesman for the PP, Antonio Trujillo.

Cheap Jamón Serrano!

Jamón Serrano is probably one of the most famous products of La Alpujarra, even more so since the Rey de los Jamones, disappeared, owing thousands of euros, but that’s a different story.

Expo Alpujarra

The XII Edición of the Expo Alpujarra hit it off with 42 stands scattered around the 1,500 sq/m of exhibition space.

Tragic Car Accident

On a more tragic note, a mother and her young daughter perished when the woman was taking the child to school. Their car plunged down a steep hillside just outside Pampaneira, plummeting some 400 metres to the bottom.

Partying in December

The early-December bank holiday went reasonably well, according to hotel occupation figures, which recorded 90% occupation rate.
El Puente de la Constitución (6th – 8th December) is always the first indication of winter tourism, so these positive figures were received with relief, even though not all hoteliers probably had to beat back tourists with a stick, undoubtedly.

Mayoress Slams Mancomunidad

Mayoress of Órgiva blames Carlos Rojas, in his capacity as Chairman of the Mancomunidad (local area council) for Olías and Fregenite’s lack of water, or better said, their not being connected to the mains water reservoir, located in the Contraviesa.