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Flying is becoming a terrible ordeal. I don’t know whether this statement stems from advanced age or the fact that flying today really is one of the most terrible ordeals you can imagine.

Over 150 Railway Stations to Close

The Minister of Public Works (Fomento), Ana Pastor, has announced that 176 railway stations across the country will be closed down owing to a lack of passenger traffic. Buses will be used as a substitute.

Spanish General Strike, 29th March

On the 9th of March the two most powerful national worker unions, the CCOO & UGT, jointly announced that that would be convoking a nationwide general strike in answer to the conservative government’s labour reforms.

Flying through the Ashes

Thousands of people have been stranded in airports all over the world, waiting for the clouds of ashes from the Islandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull to disappear from the North European air space. Scientists have warned that this eruption could trigger the nearby Katla volcano to erupt.