Spanish General Strike, 29th March

On the 9th of March the two most powerful national workers’ unions, the CCOO & UGT, jointly announced that they would be convoking a nationwide general strike in answer to the conservative government’s labour reforms.

The Seaside Gazette has held back on reflecting on this news, pending a possible decision to postpone or cancel it, but now with just two weeks to go, and the official announcement made today, confirming the general strike, we consider that if travellers are to make alternative arrangements, then advanced warning cannot be further delayed.

Many travel-orientated online forums are already alive with what to do concerning flights to and from Spanish airports, even those making stop overs as part of longer journeys, as neither the Central Government nor the trade unions are liable to back down.

The last general strike, which was also convoked in response to the previous government’s labour reforms, did not have much support, yet the reforms this time round bite much deeper, so a larger turn out with its corresponding adverse effects for travellers will probably be more acute.

(News: Spain)

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