News from the west of Granada (Poniente): Loja & Alhama de Granada area

New Guidebook

A new guide has been published in Loja highlighting the town’s cultural history. Sixty-five landmarks have been chosen for the route, which the authors hope will interest not only the locals, but also tourists and teachers.

New Top, Old Bottom

Restoration work on the Loja Imperial Theatre uncovered, as is common in Spain, the remains of Nazari edifications, which are to be incorporated in the rejuvenated building, so that visitors can experience culture upstairs and history, from the 15th century, downstairs.

Healthier Loja

The symbolic first stone has been laid by the Mayor for the construction of the largest sports complex in the province. Swimming pools, gyms, workout rooms, tennis and paddle courts, a spa, a Jacuzzi, all to be built with the aim of improving health.

Future Hospital

Work on the new hospital in Loja will commence slowly in January, according to Elvira Ramón, Granada’s Socialist Secretary for Municipal Affairs. One hundred and eighty new jobs will be created in the first year alone, she added.

Loja Invades China

After invading South Africa, Iran and Israel, Loja is now setting its sights on China, which is accepting the importation of 72 thousand litres of olive oil.

Alhama Murder

The day a Moroccan woman and her three children were planning on moving out of the house they shared with Mohamed B – husband and father – he took an iron bar and beat her head in till she moved no more. Locals are shocked.

The Termites of Doom

Termites are on the verge of bringing many buildings in the old town down about inhabitants of Íllora’ ears. For the past fifteen years the voracious critters have succeeded in creating huge colonies up to two metres below ground.

Publication Update: December

The plan, Ladies and Gentlemen, is to get to the printer on Monday the 30th, meaning that we should be out on the streets on the first. The online edition will start going up on the 1st, as always. Distribution is as follows: Motril: you will be able to find some at Radiovision, Mediterranea garage…