Regional news from Andalucia

Here’s A Surprise!

Whilst los autonomos (self-employed workers) struggle to pay their social security and workers are laid off, our dear politicians don’t appear to have twigged that there’s an economic crisis with its teeth sunk into the average person’s jugular vein.

Female Referee Attacked

You often hear about referees coming off the worse for wear in confrontations with irate football players or their fans, but it’s not very often that the referee in question is a woman.

Jet-ski Accident

A woman, who probably fancied herself as Boadecia on a war chariot, rocketed across the water off Playa La Araña on a jet-ski, armed with ambition but lacking experience or a licence.

Unwelcome visitors

When was the first time you came across a green scorpion in Spain – bit of a shock, wasn’t it? It doesn’t matter that the locals say that it isn’t deadly, unless you’re very young, old or have a weak heart; it’s a bloody scorpion! Mind you, they aren’t for the Spanish; they’re alacranes rather than escorpiones.

Seeking Charities – People helping People

Seeking Charities – People helping People   Do you know of any Spanish Charities (O.N.G) who help people and are seeking funding? The American International Club is currently seeking Spanish Organizations who are seeking assistance. The organization will be presenting a donation at the Dia de Europa event in Almunecar October 15th.  If you are…

East European Mugged & Stabbed

(Regional News) It might not be politically correct to say the obvious, but when you hear of a stabbing, involving an Eastern European, the said person isn’t normally on the receiving end.
Around eleven in the evening a 37-year-old Eastern-European man was forced into a stairwell in an apartment block along Calle Alfambra in Málaga by small swarthy chap with a knife. Once inside, two other men joined the aggressor; all three were described as being dark-skinned and short. They thought that it might be a good idea for him to hand over all his cash – he wasn’t too keen.

19 in Only 4!

(Regional News) A police helicopter captured a biker on camera who managed to knock up 19 driving infractions in only four minutes! Hey, gotta say, Guys, that my Mary would knock up 19 driving infractions before she even got the car out of the garage, which would take about four hours, admittedly, but that’s a different story.

Religion, Schooling and Divorce

(Regional News) A provincial law court in Almeria has just ordered a state school to reinstate a Religion teacher, whom they had fired because she had married a divorced man from Germany.

Heart-Attack Lorry Driver

(Regional News) The worse place to have a heart attack is probably at the wheel of a juggernaut along the deadly bends of Despeñaperros. Thankfully, the driver managed, in his dying moments, to get the lorry off the road and parked, so as not to cause an accident.