Brits Dazzle Pilots with Laser

AND Lazer MenaceA British man and his son have been identified as the alleged culprits for dazzling pilots with laser pens. The incidents occurred whilst the crews were carrying out approach procedure for Málaga Airport.

An off-duty policeman staying at the same hotel in Torremolinos where the the father, aged 41 and the son, aged 15, were staying alerted colleagues after witnessing the two individuals shining the lasers in the direction of the runways from their hotel balcony around 23.00h on Tuesday the 7th.

They face a very stiff fine between 30,000 and 600.000 euros for a serious infraction of the Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana.

Several pilots had already complained to the Control Tower that they had been dazzled by these devices from the Bajondillo area around that same time.

The police, upon finding the two holidaymakers in their hotel room, found that they had several green-light, laser pens in their possession. They had their names and other passport details taken but were not arrested.

(News: Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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