Regional news from Andalucia

Junta U-Turn Averted

SPN Consejo Interterritorial

Despite the Junta’s assurances on Tuesday that they had decided not to tighten restrictions over Easter, they are now entertaining the possibility.

British Embassy on Vaccines

SPN British Embassy

Following on from yesterday’s article on private health insurance and access to Covid vaccine for foreign residents, we received the following response from the British Embassy in Madrid:

A Fortnight Away

AND PM Moreno Andalucia

The PM of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno announced if the situation continues to improve as it is doing, provincial borders will reopen in 15 days.

2021 ITV Calendar


Dating back to the total lockdown from March to April last year, ITV inspections have undergone a disruption that the Government is still trying to sort out.