Light Aircraft Crash

A trainee pilot died in an aircraft crash during a class with his instructor in a light aircraft. The pilot survived but is badly burnt.

SPN Light Aircraft Crash Extremadura MY24The accident occurred at the Miajadas airfield (Cáceres/Extremadura) when it was approaching for landing. The aircraft instead crashed onto a nearby field, near a trading estate.

The accident was phoned in at around 18.00h on Thursday the 23rd. The first at the scene was a Guardia Civil unit followed by the Policía Local to find the aircraft wreck burning in the field. The instructor, although badly burnt, had managed to get out of the wreck by himself.

The injured pilot was flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital but the student pilot was obviously dead, due to his injuries, so the protocol for the service of a coroner to authorise the removal of the body was activated.

Note: A microlight is anything up to and including an aircraft capable of carrying two people; i.e., pilot and one passenger, which was the case here.  Microlights can be much smaller with the pilot just sitting in an open tricycle-like structure under a wing, according to wikipedia.

(News/Noticas: Miajadas, Caceres, Extremadura).

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