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Falling Dogs Video

By Martin Myall

Viewers watching the midday news yesterday were confronted with a video of stag fighting off a pack of hounds. »

Tick Bite Death

By Martin Myall

Around 100 people are under medical observation in Ávila after a man died of Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever, transmitted by a tick. »

Family Dies in Flash Flood

By Vivienne Hughes

The emergency services in Extremadura have located the bodies of four victims in a canyoneering accident, all for are of the same family. »

Justified Homicide?

By Martin Myall

Daniel took a shotgun to his father, Ángel Cortés Solana (68), who had been making his mother’s life, a misery for 40 years - he shot him whilst he slept. »

The Pardon Affairs

By Martin Myall

Whilst the mother of a son killed in a car crash asked for a pardon for the man who caused it, other families are infuriated that driver who cause the death of their children is still not in prison. »

Invisible 22-Tonne Machine

By Martin Myall

A man from Vícar, Almería was arrested for having allegedly stolen a 22-tonne mechanical digger from a work site belonging to the AVE (high-speed train) track-laying project in Cáceres, Extremadura »

Highway Thieves Arrested

By Martin Myall

A gang of robbers who preyed on foreign drivers has been arrested by the Guardia Civil. The modus operandi was to target foreign travellers parked in the rest areas of autovias and autopistas. »

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