Worker Burgles Gambling Hall

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man in his mid-50s and a woman in her mid-40s for the possession of illegal key copies to a casino and later walking off with nearly 50,000 euros.

GRA Casino Gambling HallThe 54-year-old man used to work in the said casino or gambling hall in the Metropolitan area of Granada, where he reportedly obtained an illegal copy of the keys to the establishment to gain entrance.

The burglary took place on the 17th of May and the owner reported it to the Guardia Civil the next day; when he entered the following morning, he found the entrance, metal shutters open and the door unlocked. However, neither had been forced. His first thoughts were that a worker was inside but there was nobody there in fact.

When he looked at the cash register, he saw that it was open and empty; in fact, the removable sections for 50 and 20-euro notes were on the floor. Hastily checking his records, he saw that over 47,000 euros were missing.

The police examined security footage from cameras in the immediate area and saw a suspicious car parked outside. Checking the number plate they tracked down possible suspects, one of whom was an ex-employee.

Obtaining a search warrant for the home of the suspect, the Guardia Civil found a false ceiling in the bathroom and hidden within were 5,000 euros taken from the gambling hall. Under questioning, the man admitted that this money came from the said establishment.

(News/Noticias: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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