Motril Football Violence

A football match in Motril between the home team and Atlético Melilla had its second half suspended after a fight broke out during half time.

MOT Football ViolenceThe match had gone ahead at 12.30h on Saturday, after a half-hour delay because of  the rain. Near the end of the first half (minute 42) insults were cast about between Motril fans and a Melilla player.

These insults exchanged had ended with the footballer climbing up onto the stands and blows struck with the fight lasting several minutes. The player got sent off for this.

There is a video of what happened so the Federación will investigate and decide on what sanctions to impose if deemed necessary.

CF Motril issued a communiqué on their social-media platform, giving their version of the event, claiming that not one but several Melilla players had climbed up onto the stands.

However, they said that after officers from the Policía Nacional arrived, CF Motril had wanted to continue with the second half, but the Melilla team had refused, for two reasons: their return-trip arrangements would have been lost and because they considered that safety in the Escribano Castilla Football Grounds was not guaranteed (given what had happened)

Editorial comment: racist insults coming from the stands during matches in Spain, especially local ones, is a constant problem, and as many of the Melilla team were of North African origin, you can imagine what might have sparked the confrontation.

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