The Hand’s Quicker Than The Eye

The question is, did a councillor in Úbeda slip something into the Christmas -Raffle box and come up with a suspicious winner?

AND The Dodgey Raffle in Ubeda JAweThe man in the video is Councillor for Commerce for Úbeda, José Luis Madueño, who appears to have pulled something out of his pocket with his right hand and then ‘miraculously’ pull it out from the jumble of raffle tickets.

It should be noted that the rest of the tickets were not folded up and much less crumbled up as was the one he fished out.

According to the Provincial Chairman, Erik Domínguez (PP) the councillor favoured a relative with a 550-euros voucher to be spent in the municipal market – this same person won that same prize the previous year…

However, the Provincial Chairman is using this incident to attack the leader of the opposition in the Council, the ex-Mayor of Jaén, Julio Millán. In fact, he widened the attack to include the Spanish Prime Minister, saying that this sort of thing should come as no surprise, as the Catalan separatist leader, Sr. Puigdemont is the one that calls the shots in Spain.

Chairman Domínguez claims that Sr. Millán stated in public that vote purchasing went on in Jaén and that everybody knew this, yet, says the Chairman, he didn’t report it.

The Chairman is demanding that the Úbeda Councillor for Commerce resigns and if he doesn’t do so voluntarily, then the Chairman’s party will demand the resignation of the Mayoress of Úbeda, Sra. Olivares and if neither resign then he will demand it of the Leader of the PSOE in the Provincial Council, Paco Reyes.

Editorial comment: watch the video and judge for yourselves.

(News/Noticias: Ubeda, Jaen, Andalucia)

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