Old Town-Wall Repairs

The Town-Hall department that deals with awarding work contracts (La Mesa de Contratación) has chosen a company to draw up a project for the old town.

ALM Town Walls behind AlfareríaBados Navarro will draw up a project for restoration on the original, town-defence walls and then carry out the necessary stabilisation work on Section Two and Section Three of the said wall.

These section are where the Alfarería (pottery workshops) is, as it butts up against the old defensive walls.

This work has been financed through a grant from the Board of Tourism belonging to the Junta de Andalucia, explained the Vice Mayor, Rafael Caballero, who is also the Chairman of the Mancomunidad, by the way.

Obviously, even sneezing in the direction of archaeological sites, protected by a Bien de Interés Cultural, requires a lot of paperwork and prior study reports. You can’t just let Paco and Manolo at it with a jackhammer. In fact, the Town Hall has hired legal advisors just in case…

The Mesa de Contratación has also awarded a work contract to Juegos Infantiles Monparc to build a Skatepark and Pumptrack (don’t ask) in the Parque El Pozuelo Pepe Matías in Taramay, worth 234,000 euros.

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