Marina Coral-Bed Collaboration

The project is all about the protection and restoration of the existing coral beds off the Punta de La Mona and within the Special Conservation Area (ZEC).

To highten awareness of the need to protect our seabeds and reefs, Coral Soul recently organised a waste analysis day with a group of students at the Marina del Este Marina. This waste has been extracted over five months by technical divers who are part of the Deep Core Project.

From the analysis of the more than 420 kilos of waste, it is clear that the most impactful activity for the reefs and seabed in that area is fishing and free anchoring. In this sense, the most abundant waste is fishing lines and ropes, highlighting 50 kilometres of fishing lines, 1,800 kilometers of ropes and 1,504 square meters of nets.

Waste removal is an important part of the Deep Core Project’s reef recovery activity as it is the first step to increasing ecosystem resilience. “We focus on the removal of waste that degrades the habitat and prevents populations from developing normally,” explained Marina Palacios, director and co-founder of Coral Soul.

The Deep Core Project began its journey in 2020. Its main objective is the accelerated recovery of the coral beds through actions such as waste removal, reef sanitation, an awareness program and promotion of the real protection of the area or the creation of coral nurseries and reef repopulation.

(News/Noticias: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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